I had the pleasure of working with Phil Otto in the early 2000’s. He has a great eye for materials and details. I was very pleased with his input on the first few Free People stores. The stores were beautiful from overall design as well functional for their productivity. I enjoyed working with him very much.

Margaret Hayne

CEO, Free People


Working with Phil Otto and his team over the past 6 years on multiple projects for REI has been a true pleasure. He and his team bring something different that architecture firms and brand agencies don’t offer. His background and training in Anthropology and his experience in retail provide a truly unique and relevant perspective. He not only understands current culture, he knows how to get shit done.

Elizabeth Dowd

Divisional Vice President, Retail Experience at REI Co-op


I have worked with Phil Otto of Seeds & Growth for twenty years. He is a master of visioning and conceiving out of the box, which is rare for someone in his field, but even better, he excels at implementation, creatively using found recycled materials assembled in a unique way. He is a masterful artist and visionary with whom I have worked on numerous projects; and in  all of these, he has far exceeded my expectations.


John Schaeffer

Real Goods, EcoTerra, and the Solar Living Institute


Seeds and Growth's vision is always so fresh, it's astounding! Their ability to understand our needs, for 20 plus years now, has been nothing short of phenomenal.  The team stays real and down to Earth, like a best friend that has an uncanny ability to see into the future and to implement that vision with the most effective results. 

Nantzy Hensley

Director of Retail, Real Goods